Buccaneer Offshore

  • Based in Aberdeenshire in the heart of the oil industry and a worldwide maritime center of excellence, we aim to stock supply and support a wide range of products and services for companies and individuals either working in the marine industry or for the leisure sailor.
  • As specialist marine electronics suppliers we can offer you unbiased opinions and advice on the leading products in the marine industry
  • UK Suppliers and factory authorised service/repair of the class leading ROV ranges from Outland and SeaMor
  • UK Distributor for SubC Imaging and their phenomenal range of Underwater camera's, topside equipment and support equipment
  • Commercial News -

    In the Underwater camera field, there are new over copper HD camera systems from Outland Technolgy, thus avoiding the problems associated with fibre optic umbilicals, also customer interest remains high in the new Outland 2000 ROV system, and we have further enhanced our service centre over the winter period. - We look forward to showing the systems at Oceanology International this coming spring, we look forward to expanding the customer satisfaction with these highly capable systems please call for further information and any assistance we can offer.

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