Aquapac Philosophy

We believe in designing genuinely useful products which help you to enjoy the great outdoors. By putting your mind at rest that you and your gear are properly protected. And we believe that those products should be made to the kind of quality that we ourselves would expect when buying things.

We also believe in treating our customers the way we ourselves like to be treated.


There's plenty of people out there offering superficially similar-looking products to ours. If you'd like a clear illustration of what makes Aquapac stand out from the crowd, I strongly recommend you read our Guarantee section.


In addition to our own Aquapac-branded cases we also design and manufacture customized cases for a number of well-known 3rd-party brands including Helly Hansen, Motorola and Musto.

Customer Service

We've been selling online since 2001. We aim to offer a quality of service second to none. Are we succeeding? Don't ask us, ask our customers! An amazing number of them take the trouble to write in with kind comments about delivery and after-sales service. Check out some of the comments in the column on the right of this page...

Who Are These Guys?

Like to know more about who you're dealing with when you shop Aquapac? Click here for photos and bios of our key staff. Associations

We're members of two trade bodies:

  • Outdoor Industries Association (UK)
  • Outdoor Industry Association (USA)

and of course we adhere to all their codes of practice.

Innovation at its Best

We were recently honoured with the Queen's Award for Innovation.

Aquaclip© Sealing System

The Aquaclip is the key to most of our products. An amazing little device which seals the case with a simple twist of the levers.

The Design Council selected the Aquaclip as a 'Millennium Product'.