Rule Pumps submersible 12 Volt DC manual and automatic bilge water pumps have been the industry's standard for decades.

The 115 volt automatic computerized sump pumps are used to:

  • drain pools
  • pool covers
  • basements
  • garages
  • utility rooms
  • sumps
  • boats and other utility applications

These services are supported by a growing range of products and accessories designed to make Globalstar service productive and easy-to-use in almost any situation or environment, including aviation and maritime applications. The company's data modem products can also be used for asset tracking and environmental telemetry applications.

Looking ahead, Globalstar intends to continue expanding its operations to provide service in the few remaining land areas not covered today, as well as across mid-ocean regions. Products and accessories will also continue to be developed and upgraded to make the service even more useful.

Globalstar delivers outstanding voice and data quality around the world by leveraging their extensive network of low-earth orbit satellites and regional gateways to deliver a superior customer experience. To understand why technology gives Globalstar a distinct advantage over other satellite providers, some background information is required on satellites, gateways, call flows, Path Diversity, and wireless technology.