Simply. Clearly. Better.

For over 30 years we've been America's favorite Fishfinder - the leading innovator of Side Imaging technology - providing recreational and professional anglers difference-making days out on the water, day after day, year after year.

Humminbird introduced fishfinders, depth sounders, marine radios and GPS systems to anglers. In fact, many of the exciting innovative products and features that are in wide use today were our creation. We continue to introduce smart technology and cutting-edge products for anglers and their families to get the most out of their getaways, daytrips and fishing adventures.

Humminbird products are available through a wide variety of retail outlets in the USA and Canada, and available worldwide in over 100 countries through our local dealers and distributors.

The Humminbird brand is manufactured by the Marine Electronics Group of Johnson Outdoors (Nasdaq: JOUT). At a state-of-the-art facility in Eufaula, Alabama, Humminbird designs, engineers and manufactures sonar and electronic products primarily for the consumer market.

Techsonic Industries, Inc. began in Eufaula, Alabama in 1971 as Fulton Electronics in a small garage-like facility financed by a handful of local investors. Operations began by modifying Heath Kits to produce electronic fish-finding devices - marketed as the first Humminbird Depth Sounders.

In 1975 the company introduced the first ever waterproof depth sounder, the Super Sixty, and suddenly every serious fisherman in the country was hooked. The Super Sixty went on to become one of the largest selling fishfinders ever produced. By 1977, Fulton Electronics inched towards #1 in the marine electronics market, new leadership took over and the company adopted a new name - Techsonic Industries, Inc.

During 1984, Techsonic unveiled the LCR series, forerunners of the liquid crystal displays. And by 1987, under the Humminbird brand label, the LCR4ID fishfinder became the #1 selling product in both the sport fishing and marine industries.

Throughout the 90s, the Humminbird brand continued with new innovations, including the revolutionary introduction of the first 3-D sonar, the Dimension 3-120. Teleflex Incorporated of Limerick, Pennsylvania noticed the success of the company, and in 1993 partnered with Techsonic to create the Humminbird WIDE series, what would become the finest product launch in Techsonic history. That year, Techsonic officially became a "Teleflex Company".

The new millennia began with the continued innovation that's become synonymous with Humminbird. In 2002 the Piranha series of entry-level fishfinders was introduced. SmartCast wireless technology launched in 2003, opening the market to all anglers, even those fishing from banks, docks and smaller boats. Later that year, the Matrix Fishing Systems launched, providing advanced sonar, chartplotting and GPS capabilities for professional anglers.

In mid-2004, Johnson Outdoors acquired Techsonic Industries. Known for its spirit of adventure and legacy of innovation, Johnson Outdoors is the perfect complement to the Humminbird brand.

As Helen Johnson-Leipold, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Outdoors has stated:

"An even greater future lies ahead, as we look to leverage this formidable combination of cutting-edge technology and consumer-insight excellence to drive growth in the marine electronics marketplace."